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Magento Maintenance Services


Our Magento support team ensures your store is always up to date, secure and fully optimized. Whether it is version updates, newly released security patches, or simply an addition of the newest features and extensions, our team has your Magento store backed at all times.We are always on alert to tackle promptly downtime, server hardware problems, backup/storage issues and, of course, any security concerns.We know issues like downtime, server hardware problems, backup/storage issues, and security concerns are major sources of concern. Our team keeps a close watch over everything, so you don’t need to.

Maintenance & Technical Support

We provide a range of Magento Support and Maintenance services in order to keep your store running safe and sound.

Security Patches

Magento releases 1 or 2 security patches every month. You can read up on security patches releases on our blog.

Site Audit

We perform weekly SEO site audits and encourage your business to update your site regularly as per recommendations from our SEO auditing tools.

Magento Patches

It delivers individual patches developed by Magento and allows you to apply, revert, and view general information.

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Performance Management

We run page speed insight tools including yslow and google pagespeed insights to ensure high performance of the site.


We will add your site to an alerting system, which notifies us immediately if your Magento store should experience an outage.

Clean/Roll-up Logs

We will review server logs once per month, fixing issues that may not be visible in logs.

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